Rio Del Mar Beach

California Beach Trip
As soon as we got back from Maui, I didn’t waste any time returning to the beach in California. Aiden, Søren, and I met one of my good friends at Rio Del Mar Beach in Aptos, California for a day of fun. Aiden is friends with her son so they got to play while we caught up and Søren played in the sand. For how many kids we had in our group, it was a pretty relaxing day. Lots of nature exploration and sand crab catching (but I still think they’re creepy).

California Beach Trip

Last Maui Sunset

Sunset on maui Some things are worth making time for, like watching our last Maui sunset. I knew it would be our last evening on Maui and wanted to fully take in the last sunset we’d see from Wailea beach. We had an early dinner and went down to the beach. We chose a spot farther back from the water and relaxed while the kids played in the sand. Each of the sunsets before were beautiful, so we had high hopes for this one. I’m happy to report that it didn’t disappoint.

We love to travel, but we also love our house and feeling like ‘home’. It’s not often that we don’t want to leave at the end of a trip, but this was one of those times. We flew out the next day around noon. Flight home went smoothly for all of us, including Søren. Sadly we were on the wrong side of the plane to catch the glowing red sunset, but the city lights on the way down were beautiful.

Sunset Sand Play

In Love With Houseplants

Hibiscus Flower I have a confession to make, sort of. I love plants. My collection of houseplants has been growing and I’m close to having enough in the house for there to be one in every room. If I go to the store to buy a plant, I usually come home with two or more. Sometimes they live a nice long life, and others not so much. These are some of my favorites, old and new. Not pictured is my fiddle leaf fig. It’s still doing OK but it’s definitely not as plush as I’d like it to be. Succulent House Plant