Grand Cayman, Day 1

Sunset at SJC, San Jose Airport

The weather had finally started to cool down when I left for Grand Cayman. I know Fall in California isn’t near and that it will inevitably heat up again, but the little break was a nice start to this trip. The sunset from San Jose Airport was breathtaking, and not something I am used to watching. Three flights and a day later, I landed in Grand Cayman. The heat combined with the humidity nearly took my breath away. If there were such a thing as weather-shock, this surely was it.

After my arrival I was whisked to the farmer’s market at Camana Bay. The merchants were all very friendly, and I sampled everything from raw ackee (soft cashew like fruit), to young coconut jelly. I learned of the caymanite stone, and was even gifted a piece of raw caymanite by a local merchant. Once home, I entrusted it to Aiden to add to his rock collection. He was very excited to learn about the stone, and loved that it’s only found on the Cayman Islands.

I checked in to my hotel on Seven Mile Beach, then had lunch at Bar Jack. The best Pina Coladas are supposedly found there, so I had to sample. It certainly did not dissapoint, and neither did the ‘live entertainment’ when an iguana walked through the middle of the restaurant. After a delicious dinner at Mizu in Camana Bay, turning in early was a special treat for me because I don’t normally go to bed early at home.

Sunset at SJC, San Jose Airport San Jose at night Silver palms in Camana Bay Camana Bay Harbor