Spring on the Canary Hotel Rooftop

Canary Santa Barbara Rooftop Canary Santa Barbara Rooftop

Panama Hat/ Timeless 56mm Sunglasses / Diamond Stud Earrings / Sunwashed Button Down Tunic (similar) / Thin Midi Rings / Light Pink Nail Polish / Hexagon Bangles / Daniel Wellington Watch (c/o) / White Jeans / Kate Spade Southport Avenue Carmen Bag (similar) / Vince Hurache Sandals (similar)

Before breakfast on my first day in Santa Barbara, we met on the Canary Hotel rooftop. I can only imagine how chic it must be in the summer to lounge around the dreamy pool area, or to curl up next to the fireplace on a cool evening. If I had more free time during my trip I would have loved to enjoy a good book by the fire. The weather was very California Spring (not too cold or warm, my favorite!) and I can already tell what my spring staples are; hat, bracelets, rings, and sandals. You can shop my look below.

Canary Santa Barbara Rooftop Canary Santa Barbara Rooftop Canary Santa Barbara Rooftop Pool

Culture in Santa Barbara, Part I

San Francisco Aerial Photo Financial District San Francisco Aerial Photo Ocean Beach Santa Barbara Canary Hotel Santa Barbara Canary Hotel Santa Barbara The Wine Collective Santa Barbara The Wine Collective Santa Barbara The Wine Collective The Lark in Santa Barbara The Lark in Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Canary Hotel Santa Barbara Canary Hotel Santa Barbara Canary Hotel Lotusland in Santa Barbara, California Isabella's Gourmet Foods Santa Barbara Courthouse Santa Barbara Courthouse Santa Barbara Courthouse

Recently I was invited on a trip to come learn more about the Culture in Santa Barbara, California. Although I was a little hesitant to travel without the rest of my family, I’m so glad that I went. I learned so much about Santa Barbara‘s rich Arts and Culture scene, it went beyond the typical California beach town experience.

Unlike last trip there, the weather was sunny & beautiful. The flight to Santa Barbara was short and to my delight, we circled San Francisco on our departure, a view I don’t often see. Upon arrival, I checked in to my hotel, then headed over to the Wine Collective for some appetizers, then next door to the Lark for dinner. After a tiring day of travel, I called it a night. The next morning started with a greeting on the rooftop of the Canary Hotel, followed by a delicious breakfast at Finch & Fork. Next up was a visit to Ganna Walksa Lotusland, followed by lunch from Isabella Gourmet Foods on the lawn of the historic Santa Barbara Courthouse. The top of the tower was closed, so I was a little disappointed, but it was still very beautiful from the outside. I have so many more details and photos from my trip that I can’t wait to share with you, your suggestions for my trip were so helpful and played a large part in some of my planning.

This trip was sponsored by Visit Santa Barbara and the wonderful local establishment(s) listed above. To learn more about Santa Barbara and their cultural offerings (beyond the beach), please visit their website. All opinions, text, and images are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make life here at Team Wiking a little sweeter.

How To Use A Camera On Instagram

How To Take Better Instagram Photos

Lately you may have noticed that the quality of my instagram photos has improved significantly. This isn’t because I got a new phone or fancy editing software, it’s because I’ve been using photos from my SLR camera instead. I don’t plug my camera in every time I want to share photos on instagram, and I don’t wait a long time to share. Instead, I save them directly to my phone to share!

How To Take Better Instagram Photos

I use this 8GB Eyefi Mobi Card in my spare memory card slot. If you only have one (SD) memory card slot, I recommend a 32GB Eyefi Mobi card instead so that you have plenty of storage. The entire process takes only a couple of minutes, and is very easy to do if I am already taking photos.
How To Take Better Instagram Photos

1. You’ll need an Eyefi Mobi Card, I use an 8GB card but you may prefer a 32GB card instead.

2. Download the proper Mobi app for your device.

3. Set up your app using your special activation code provided on your card case.

4. Insert card. My camera has 2 memory card slots, one for a compact flash card, and one for an SD card, so I have my camera set up to write raw files to my CF card, and low resolution JPGs to my Mobi card.

5. Change Eyefi camera settings to Enable. This should be somewhere in your menu.

6. Shoot Away! Depending on how soon you’d like to view your images, move to step 7.

7. Turn on Wifi on your device. Connect to the Eyefi wireless network. Once connected your Eyefi Mobi App will let you know.

8. Open the App and browse your images. Save the ones you’d like to use in instagram or keep for later. Close app when done and disconnect from Eyefi.

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Helpful Tips
– To save battery on my camera I usually disable the Eyefi card so it doesn’t wear down my battery by trying to transfer information.
– To save battery on your phone, I suggest not remaining connected to your camera for longer periods of time or it will drain your battery more quickly.
– If you use multiple cards like I do, you can format your Eyefi card only (slot 2) after you’ve saved images you’d like so that your phone loads the lower number of images more quickly.
– If you do not use multiple cards, do not format your Eyefi card until after you have downloaded your images to your computer. You will lose your images if you format it before.
– There are certain cameras that come now with Wifi available, like the Sony A7II. My husband uses it as his main camera and it performs well for a mirrorless camera.

How To Take Better Instagram Photos

There you have it! Please let me know if you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer in the comments.