A Secure Home

Arlo Smart Home Security System Review

Over a year ago I wrote this post about keeping your home safe while you’re away. At that point we weren’t ready to go the security camera route, but a few months ago we did and haven’t looked back. We ended up purchasing an Arlo Security Camera System and it’s been the best piece of mind for when we’re away or when I’m home without Steve. Ultimately, it makes a more secure home. So recently when I had the chance to partner with Netgear to share the Arlo, I jumped on it. I’m always up for gushing about a product we already use and love.

Packed for Tahoe

What to Pack for Lake Tahoe Getaway
1. Top Shop Button Front Beach Shirt / 2. Frame Denim Shorts / 3. Steven Alan Drop Tail Anorak (J.Crew Field Mechanic Jacket is similar) / 4. J.Crew Harbor Shorts / 5. Cuyana Silk Tee (similar) / 6. Loeffler Randall Skye Gladiator Sandal / 7. J.Crew One-Piece Swimsuit / 8. Cuyana Apres Swim Tunic in Grey / 9. Cuyana Silk Maxi Dress / 10. Michael Kors Mavis Sandals /  11. Prada Sunglasses / 12.  Sensi Studio Straw Panama Hat  

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared what I personally packed for one of our trips. I try to incorporate items in my Travel Light packing tips, but it doesn’t always work out. This list of what I packed for Tahoe is a bit more personal since it includes items I actually wore for our trip. I did this one some time ago for a different trip to Tahoe with the kids, obviously this trip was different.

We went up to Tahoe for 3 days for this trip, with my cousins wedding on the first day. On that day I wore the denim shorts, beach tunic, and black sandals. For the wedding I wore the silk maxi dress and heeled sandals. On day two I wore a mix of my swimsuit and coverup, and the olive shorts and silk top. I wore the maxi dress with more casual shoes to go home on Sunday.

If you’re looking for a fall packing list, I just put one here on pack for where.

Lake Tahoe Sunset Outfit

Rio Del Mar Beach

California Beach Trip
As soon as we got back from Maui, I didn’t waste any time returning to the beach in California. Aiden, Søren, and I met one of my good friends at Rio Del Mar Beach in Aptos, California for a day of fun. Aiden is friends with her son so they got to play while we caught up and Søren played in the sand. For how many kids we had in our group, it was a pretty relaxing day. Lots of nature exploration and sand crab catching (but I still think they’re creepy).

California Beach Trip