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Travel Light / Blog Her 2014 / San Jose, California

travel-light-blogher 1. Amelia Mini Bag / 2. Sunglasses / 3. Jewelry Bag / 4. Initial Bracelets (TW for Team Wiking!) / 5. Fancy Earrings / 6. Gel Coat / 7. Maxi Dress (similar) / 8. Shirt Dress / 9. Romper (similar) / 10. Blog-A-Lot Tee / 11. White V-Neck / 12. Neutral Tank / 13. Black Tunic/Dress / 14. Striped Skirt / 15. Cropped Pants / 16. Malliot Swimsuit / 17. Blazer / 18. Shopping Bags / 19. Split Loafers / 20. Shoe Bag / 21. Big Tote / 22. Comfy heels

This Travel Light post is very near and dear to me, as I live about 10 minutes away from San Jose, California. The weather varies in the summer and ranges anywhere from a balmy 90F to a comfortable 75F.

A couple of years ago I attended a BlogHer conference a couple of years ago and was unsure of what to pack. I feel like I have a better grasp on packing and blogging conferences now so I put together a Travel Light post for those who might feel a little lost. For those staying extra days, this will come in handy, and for those who aren’t, pay close attention to Days 4-6. Hopefully this will free up some space in your luggage for any goodies you plan to bring home.

1. Amelia Mini Bag - Can be worn as a crossbody or fanny.
2. Sunglasses - Good for all around wear, you’re in California!
3. Jewelry Bag - Don’t lose your goodies. Keep in safe.
4. Initial Bracelets - Something festive. I’d get TW for Team Wiking.
5. Fancy Earrings - Or anything else to dress up an evening out
6. Gel Coat - This is my go-to top coat. Will last a week.
7. Maxi Dress (similar) – Casual, can be dressed up with blazer.
8. Shirt Dress - Versatile, dress up or down.
9. Romper (similar) – Perfect day-to-night wear.
10. Blog-A-Lot Tee - Fun for a slow and comfy day.
11. White V-Neck - Comfortable and versatile. 
12. Neutral Tank - Pair with multiple items.
13. Black Tunic/Dress - Dress up or down. Use as pool cover.
14. Striped Skirt - Another versatile piece.
15. Cropped Pants - Easily transformed from casual to dressy.
16. Malliot Swimsuit - Can also be worn as a top with dress or skirt, under.
17. Blazer - Use to keep warm inside conference or at night.
18. Shopping Bags - These are light and fold small when not in use.
19. Split Loafers - Professional and stylish. 
20. Shoe Bag - I don’t like to get my other clothes dirty.
21. Big Tote - Perfect for travel days, carrying items.
22. Comfy heels - This stacked heel is much more practical than stilettos.

I’ve planned out a little itinerary for those who plan to make a substantial trip out of it. Again, if you are only coming for the conference you will want to pay attention to days 4-6.

Day 1 Arrive a few days before conference
Day 2 Relax, have a pool day. san-jose-day-1-2

Day 3 Finishing Touches
Day 4 Register / Pathfinder Day / Evening at the Expo san-jose-day-3-4 Day 5 Conference Day-to-Night san-jose-day-5 Day 6 Conference Day-to-Night san-jose-day-6

Day 7 Check out (or stay awhile)
Day 8 San Jose Museum of Art san-jose-day-7-8

Day 9 Post-Conference Meetings
Day 10 Head home san-jose-day-9-10 Some other items that I like to pack are more obvious:
Phone - This is a given.
iPadFor browsing / checking in on blog.
Camera(s)I use a different one at night.
Chargers & battery backupsYet another given.
NotebooksI like to take notes by hand.
Pens / PencilsI like options.
Business Cards / Holder - I keep a box in my purse and holder in hand.

Some highlights from the last BlogHer I attended. 2011-blogher-san-diego-collage Left to Right: Kudos! / Nancy + I / Kelle Hampton + I / The Marble Room in San Diego, California

Travel Light / 11 Day Alaskan Cruise


1. Warm Jacket / 2. Necklace Card Holder / 3. Warm Hat / 4. Cashmere Scarf / 5. Star Earrings / 6. Sunglasses / 7. Light Jacket / 8. Button Down / 9. Sweater / 10. Striped Long Sleeve / 11. Silk Tee / 12. Swimsuit / 13. Long Dress / 14. Casual Dress (similar) / 15. Black Dress (similar, similar) / 16. Black Denim / 17. Dark Jeans / 18. White Denim / 19. Evening Shoes / 20. Tennis Shoes / 21. Deck Shoes / 22. Tote

This month I’m lucky enough to share again about an actual trip we just returned from. I feel like I learned a little bit better about what to pack and why. This was one of the hardest trips I’ve ever packed for and while I did not pack every single item you see here, I probably packed something similar or even overpacked. The hardest part was trying to pack for time on a boat, formal nights, and time exploring sometimes rugged terrain.

Personally, I packed a simple silk robe to sleep in, which also doubles as a pool coverup. Both silk shirts, the robe, and the shorter black dress are super quick to hand wash in the sink and hang dry. I typically wore the lighter jacket on the boat walking around the deck and the warmer jacket during excursions. It rained for most of our trip but our stop in Victoria was quiet warm and downtown was a 40 minute walk from the ship.

Day 1 Embark from SF
Day 2 At Sea + Formal Night

Day 3 At Sea
Day 4 Ketchikan, Alaska


Day 5 Juneau, Alaska
Day 6 Skagway, Alaska

Day 7 Glacier Bay National Park
Day 8 At Sea


Day 9 Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Colombia, Canada
Day 10 At Sea + Formal Night

Day 11 At Sea
Day 12 Disembark to SF


Travel Light / Seattle, Washington

travel-light-seattle-washington-1 travel-light-seattle-washington

1. Pom Pom Beanie / 2. Gray Beanie / 3. Pocket Sweater / 4. Puffer Jacket / 5. Fingerless Gloves / 6. Mirrored Sunglasses / 7. Umbrella / 8. Jumpsuit / 9. Striped Tee (a must!) / 10. Alpaca Oversized Sweater / 11. Marled Sweater / 12. Olive Popover / 13. Black Silk Tee / 14. Big Pocket Tee / 15. Olive Pants / 16. Black Pants / 17. Dark Denim / 18. Ankle Boots / 19. Scarf / 20. Weekender

We just returned from a trip to Seattle, so I feel like I have a little more insight for this Travel Light post than usual since I’m not just dreaming about a trip. It was sunny for a couple of days while we were there, but also rained a little too. It was actually more like a heavy mist, and was a little windy down by the water sometimes. We did a lot of walking and stayed plenty warm enough. I wore a light jacket and scarf everyday, and sometimes a hat for sake of not wanting to mess much with my hair.

Day 1 Travel Day
Day 2 Space Needle (Go AM + PM)

travel-light-seattle-washington-day-1 Day 3 Pike Place Market
Day 4 Olympic Sculpture Park travel-light-seattle-washington-day-3 Day 5 Ferry Cruise + The Great Wheel
Day 6 EMP Museum travel-light-seattle-washington-day-5 Day 7 Bainbridge Island
Day 8 Theo’s Chocolate Factory + Fremont Troll


Day 9 Colombia Tower
Day 10 Travel Day travel-light-seattle-washington-day-9 travel-light-seattle-washington-2

Travel Light – Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California Sunset Travel Light - Los Angeles, California
1. Striped Swimsuit / 2. Black Swimsuit / 3. Sand Scarf / 4. Circle Ring / 5. Sunglasses / 6. Black Blazer / 7. Blue Button Down / 8. Striped Top / 9. Pink Sweater / 10. Black V-Neck / 11. Gray Sleeveless / 12. Split Dress / 13. Dark Denim / 14. White Jeans / 15. Black Dress (non-maternity too!) / 16. Denim Shorts / 17. Olive Tank Dress / 18. Weekender / 19. Spotted D’Orsay Flats / 20. Black Espadrille Sneakers

I wanted to do something a little different this time and do a “babymoon” (or maternity) themed Travel Light post. The destination is Los Angeles, California which is quite nice year-round when it comes to the weather. I included outfits that will be suitable for a work day, as well as ones for the beach or other fun activities. I think you can also make more than 10 outfits out of these clothes if you need to since they all mix well together. We went on our babymoon to Carmel, California in February of 2012 so I sort of channeled that vibe when I came up with this Travel Light post.

Day 1 Travel Day
Day 2 Work


Day 3 Santa Monica Pier
Day 4 Beach Trip travel-light-los-angeles-california-day-3

Day 5 Shopping
Day 6 Downtown Lunch travel-light-los-angeles-california-day-5

Day 7 Catalina Island
Day 8 Work travel-light-los-angeles-california-day-7

Day 9 Last-minute pool time
Day 10 Work Meeting, then heading home. travel-light-los-angeles-california-day-9

Santa Monica Pier, California

Santa Monica Pier photo copyright Justin Mier

Travel Light – Los Cabos, Mexico

travel-light-los-cabos-mexico-1 travel-light-los-cabos-mexico

1. Wooden Sunnies / 2. Mesh One Piece Swimsuit / 3. Floral Baseball Cap / 4. Pink Clutch / 5. Sheer Caftan Coverup / 6. Decorative Necklace / 7. Gray V-Neck Tee / 8. Cream Silk Top / 9. Floral Maxi / 10. Kate Spade Cutouts Shift (Similar) / 11. Striped Tank Dress / 12. White Backless Dress / 13. White Denim / 14. Snake Print Top / 15. Blue Shorts / 16. Denim Button Down / 17. Green Espadrille Sneakers / 18. Silver Sandals / 19. Striped Slingbacks / 20. Hot Pink Nail Polish / 21. Cropped Trench / 22. Mustard Weekender Bag

Our trip to Mexico is finally close and I’ve had packing on my mind for awhile now. It is going to be a lot warmer than it normally is in February. Maybe one day we’ll get some rain, but hopefully not on this trip. This would pretty much be my dream “Travel Light” suitcase for our trip to Mexico. We won’t be there for ten days, but one can dream, right?

Day 1 Arrive
Day 2 Eager to sun bathe.


Day 3 Sail away
Day 4 Horseback Riding travel-light-los-cabos-mexico-feb-day-3
Day 5 Whale Watching
Day 6 Spa Day travel-light-los-cabos-mexico-feb-day-5 Day 7 Shopping Day
Day 8 Poolside travel-light-los-cabos-mexico-feb-day-7
Day 9 Art Walk
Day 10 Head Home travel-light-los-cabos-mexico-feb-day-9

photo taken by lecates via flickr

Image copyright lecates.

Travel Light: Park City, Utah

Image Copyright Lalo Pangue

Image Copyright Lalo Pangue

Travel Light: 10 Days in Park City, Utah for Sundance

1. Escape the Ordinary Bracelet / 2. Pom Beanie / 3. Fair Isle Sweater / 4. Turtleneck / 5. Dress / 6. Quilted Top / 7. Tuxedo Popover / 8. Marled Sweater / 9. Striped Top / 10. Colorblocked Parka / 11. Cashmere Leggings / 12. Oxblood Leather Leggings / 13. Black Leather Pants / 14. Denim / 15. Velvet Flats / 16. Ankle Boots / 17. Glittens / 18. Infinity Scarf / 19. Black Satchel

Sundance Film Festival is coming up quick in Park City, Utah and just for fun, I threw together a travel light post dedicated to it. It’s pretty cold in Park City right now, but luckily the vibe is casual so you can layer away!

Day 1 Arrive in Park City, Brr!
Day 2 Lunch date with friends.

Travel Light: 10 Days in Park City, Utah

Day 3 Shopping on Historic Main Street
Day 4 Visit Olympic Park.

Travel Light: 10 Days in Park City, Utah
Day 5 Ride the Alpine Coaster.
Day 6 Watch movies.

Travel Light: 10 Days in Park City, Utah

Day 7 Watch more movies.
Day 8 Spa Day.

Travel Light: 10 Days in Park City, Utah

Day 9 Park City Food Tour
Day 10 Head home.

Travel Light: 10 Days in Park City, Utah

Image Copyright Raffi Asdourian

Image Copyright Raffi Asdourian

Travel Light: New York City



1. Wool Coat / 2. Sweater Dress / 3. Maroon Scarf / 4. Pink Scarf / 5. Checked Cap / 6. Gray Sweater / 7. Sunglasses / 8. Envelope Clutch / 9. Windowpane Shirt / 10. Tan Sweater / 11. Oversized Flannel / 12. New York New York / 13. Bow Popover / 14. Oxblood Sweater / 15. Black Denim / 16. Jeans / 17. Black Leggings / 18. Leg Warmers / 19. Leopard Flats / 20. Leather Gloves / 21. Weekender / 22. Boots

Right now I’m dreaming about a chilly December trip to New York, New York. Also known as the big apple, NYC, etc. I wanted to stay a little festive with colors, and also try to pair lots of layers for warmth. I’m not going to include the coat in all of the outfits because let’s face it, you’re going to need to wear it every day.

Day 1 To the Big Apple!
Day 2 The Highline


Day 3 MoMA
Day 4 The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Day 5 Empire State Building
Day 6 Statue of Liberty


Day 7 Ice Skating
Day 8 Guggenheim Museum


Day 9 Central Park + Shopping
Day 10 Home Again!